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19th-May-2009 08:16 pm - A little spit of introduction
FMA, emperor, ling, engrish, Ling Yao
I am new here. Still trying to figure out all the kinks and whatchamacalls this site has in store. The more I see, though, the more I love! So let me just tell you what you should be expecting--

1. delicious fanfiction. Mainly FMA oriented, but I am also a fan of things like FF7, KH, HP, and whatever else has sexy guys that I can slash together. Oh, germans- I love germans. They're sexy. I'm surprised I don't have a nazi fetish or someting. It's terrible. Did I tell you about my german man-friend who got a chainsaw to the face? Yeah. Badass, amIriiight????
WELL. Now. Let's get on to the next thing, shall we?
2. ART. I love it. I am told that I am good at it. So expect some tasty things in the near future. Especially hot boys in suits.
3. The inability to make sense when talking about RL. The part of my brain that keeps people 'awake' is extra-lazy, (some frontal lobe thing) thus I get to take meds to make sure I'm not stuck in a half-dreamland for the rest of my life. I make it sound cooler than it actually is, though. Trust me.

I also like pie. And the coolest part of history was World War 2. Which my grandfather fought in, by the way!

But enough about me for one post! I have to go get some friends and watch some people and get more involved with this whole LJ thing. <3


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